Veronica Birkenstock is a passionate conservative and Lifetime Member of the NRA, who only knows one way to operate – and that is to get things done. Veronica was raised by her devoted mother and a father who, after serving in the Army, returned to the family farm. It was her humble, yet impactful family which instilled her Christian values and appreciation for those who have chosen to serve in protecting Americans and our freedom.

Whether it is with her faith, her family, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, or as an advocate in our communities and for those who cannot advocate for themselves, Veronica is known to stand up and fight for what is right.

Veronica – known as “V” by her friends – has had enough of the promises and do-nothing Congress who is more interested in being re-elected than doing what they said they would do. V is determined to take her spirit to Washington to represent District 26 and get it done.



Veronica and her family attend Elevate Life Church in Frisco, TX.  V is a member of the Keith Craft Mastermind Group, which is much like a board of business advisors for each other to make decisions for their respective businesses all through a Biblical worldview.


Veronica is happily married to Brian Birkenstock and they live in Frisco, TX with two of their three children.  Their oldest son, Walt, got married last October and lives in North Carolina.  Their two other children Andrew “Drew” and Lauren who are brother and sister, were adopted and saved from what was previously a very difficult life.  Drew enjoys sports of all kinds, Lauren is really enjoying gymnastics and tennis, and of course there is “Smudge”.  They are all fortunate and thankful that God has brought them all together.


Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner

Veronica has 15 plus years of executive level human resource leadership in the hospitality industry.   She is President and owner of Practical Employee Solutions (PES) – the company which she established here in Texas.  She founded PES in 1996 which provides legal temporary labor – specializing in the H-2B visa processing.

The story of how V started the business has its roots in the Reagan Administration.   In 1986, while working as a Director of Human Resources, President Reagan said that as part of the Immigration and Control Act, any business found to hire illegal aliens in the U.S could face civil and criminal charges. A believer in the rule of law, V found the legal ways to work with that law and help keep her employer successful using the legal, yet complicated H-2B visa program – saving many jobs.

In doing so, she had to learn to navigate the Departments of Labor, Transportation and even the EPA.  She even worked with legislators to provide input for her employer, and others like them, to remain successful.  V was finding that a number of U.S. businesses were struggling to stay in business due to the nature of seasonality of their industry and ability to find the labor to fill those jobs.  It was her entrepreneurial initiative which saw an opportunity for an expert in this business niche. Today, PES has grown to support numerous U.S. businesses across the country – including 48 right here in District 26.

Learn more about her business and the truth about the H-2B Visa Program here.


Dialing for Trump_2

Dialing and block walking for Trump – Grand Junction, CO – Nov 2016

Veronica has long been working in our communities and nationally to fight for our common interests.

Veronica is a strong believer in advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves.  Nothing speaks louder than her commitment to children – in particular, protecting abused and neglected children from homes or trafficking. V is an active supporter of CASA, Angel of Hope, and Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer.  For the most vulnerable, V is passionate about the Right To Life and works with the Susan B. Anthony List to persuade legislators to protect the innocent, stop the federal funding of abortions, and reinstate Hyde Amendment Protections.

V is a strong supporter of the Republican Party.  She has attended Precinct, Senate and State RPT Conventions as a Delegate and has donated to assist the party in supporting conservative initiatives.  Veronica was also an early supporter of Donald Trump for President and raised over $350,000 as a member of the Trump Finance Team.  Being a person of action, she also worked to Get Out The Vote efforts here in Texas, North Carolina and Colorado.

Whether it is representing her neighbors on her HOA, getting involved in City issues, job fairs for veterans or working to Get Out The Vote, V is a tireless advocate on getting what matters most done!

Learn more about V’s policy positions on the issues here.


V holds Masters of Art Degrees in Human Resources Management and Development, from Webster University, and an undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina.

On The Hill

On The Hill, V has worked hard to fight the federal government’s bureaucracy and untangle regulations which impede U.S. businesses.  Over the years, she jokes that she has spent more time on the hill getting things done than many legislators.