It has been over 30 years since America has had meaningful tax reform.  Our taxes are complicated, take too much time to complete (if you can) and place unnecessary burden on hard working taxpayers – individuals and businesses.  I am for tax reform which creates a simplified return which tax payers can actually complete on their own on a Saturday afternoon.   We need a flatter, fairer tax plan which reduces burden on the middle class and businesses and does not penalize success.  America’s corporate tax rate is among the highest in the world of G20 countries.  This essentially incentivizes our own businesses to take their money overseas as opposed to reinvesting it here in America.  We need to lower this tax rate which will encourage American businesses to keep their money here and provide additional opportunity for our economic growth.

Of course, tax reform needs to go hand in hand with proper fiscal responsibility as trusted stewards of your money.  The increasing national debt and spending needs to be reined in and reduced.  None of us run our households or businesses so poorly.  We need to adopt zero based budgeting and take a hard look each year at where and how your money is being spent.